Simple Roof Repair Prevents a New Roof Installation

Many times a home or business owner does not realize they have a damaged roof. This may be caused by extreme heat, storms, excessive snow, accumulated moss, or other things. Usually the first indications are stained walls, a moldy smell and excessive moisture in the attic. Failure to take care of a damaged roof can lead to excessive expenses.

One way to avoid this problem is to have periodic roof inspections. This means that often a simple repair can help you avoid excessive damage that could even lead to a complete roof replacement. Businesses and home owners, alike, have found that this is the smart way to make sure their roof is in good condition prior to the type of weather that can cause excessive damage.

The type of roof you have often indicates when repairs are needed. This includes:

• Wood or Asphalt Shingles – curl, buckle or have missing shingles. Roof valleys are loose and allow rain or melted snow to go under the shingles. 

• Metal Roofing – Screws or bolts can become loose and cause a leak. Metal can develop excessive rust or, if untreated, can deteriorate from the weather.

• Concrete/Clay Tile – Lichen, mold and moss can block water channels, damage protective tile coating and deteriorate the mortar and ridging.

• Slate – Hail is especially damaging to this type of roof. Cracked, broken and loose or missing slates, loose flashing, nails that no longer hold slates in place will all cause leaks in this type of roof.

A good roof is essential to preserve the contents of a home or business. Periodic inspections will assure that minor roof problems are taken care of before they develop into major ones. After all, replacing a few shingles, or other type of roofing, is much less expensive than replacing an entire roof.

When looking for roof repair, it is essential that you contact a company that is not only experienced but is well known in the field for their excellent work and reasonable prices. That is what you will find at Capital Roofing. Whether a residential or commercial property, our highly trained roofers can make repairs or replacement quickly and efficiently.

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