How Does Your Roof Hold Up in Severe Thunderstorms?

Whether you have a commercial or a residential structure, you have experienced challenges during heavy or severe thunderstorms. These challenges might be instant like roof leakage and ponding due to torrential rain downpour or they might build up later after the heavy rainfall, like rotting. It is essential to consider a reliable roofing or an expert roofing repair to prevent future damages on your roof for both commercial or residential property. It is vital you consider the aspect of having a rooftop capable of withstanding severe thunderstorms. For a stable rooftop, you should be familiar with the services at Capital Roofing that ensure your roof is intact and it’s safe from water damage caused by heavy rains, ponding, or rotting with time.

Some of the services offered by Capital Roofing include:

TPO Roofing


Thermoplastic polyolefin is the combination of flexible rubber and thermal resistant plastic. It is the most rapidly growing innovation in the roofing industry advancements have been made every year to produce better grades of the product. This type of roofing is a recent discovery which allows more durability, energy efficiency, and has a low cooling cost. Some of the structures that would use TPO are flat or low sloped roofs and commercial or residential buildings. They can come in various designs and colors, but white would turn out to be the most efficient when it comes to energy saving. Some of the benefits are: it quickly adapts to your building due to its high flexibility maintaining its strength for years. The use of recyclable materials makes it environmentally friendly. The structure can regulate a cold temperature environment during warm weather seasons.

EPDM Roofing

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is a service offered by capital roofing under membrane systems. It is a low-cost rubber material, which is adaptable. The product is very durable and long lasting, which helps to preserve and protect your structural integrity and roof. The structures that use EPDM are flat or low-sloped roofing and commercial buildings. In this case, the residential or personal house roofing is not recommended. You can get EPDM in black or white colors and when using certain guaranteed brands, it can be painted over using latex.

Some of the benefits of EPDM are that it can withstand extreme weather conditions like wind, hail, and rain. It is easy to repair when damaged due to its adaptability. EPDM is highly resistant to severe temperature change whether cold or hot. It can be installed in multiple ways due to its flexibility and capability to fit your criteria.

With any type of roof installation, repair, or upgrade it is important to have the services of an experienced roofing contractor who is knowledgeable regarding all types of roofing. We, at Capital Roofing, are proud to fulfill this requirement. Serving Connecticut since 1977, we are well known in the residential and commercial communities for good and fast service.

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