How Your Roof Affects Your Energy Costs

Everyone dreams of owning a house. But what about the perfect home? Running a proper household requires regular maintenance; homeowners need to maintain and repair all aspects of the walls, the cabinetry, and the lawn among others. However, an aspect often forgotten is the roof. The roof over their heads is the most vital element of the house and the most important protection from adverse weather. So why is the roof condition so necessary even though it’s often overlooked?

One significant advantage homeowners gain from a proper roof system is not only protection from Mother Nature but also help with saving money on energy costs. Yes, the massive bill that homeowners receive can be reduced if an appropriate roofing system is in place. How? The roof integrity as well as the materials it is made of makes a significant impact on the conditions inside their houses. This, in turn, affects their insulation and ventilation systems impacting the air conditioning and heating, among other appliances. 

There are several ways a homeowner can make sure their energy costs don’t rise up and go through the roof:

Install a metal roofing

While there are many types of roofs to choose from, metal roofs have stood out as the ultimate option for many. Apart from requiring less maintenance costs and being extremely durable, metal roofing helps them save on energy costs. A good metal roof is light-reflecting and made of heat resistant material that will keep the house cool when it’s hot outside by reflecting the sun’s rays and keeps it warm inside when the weather is cold by insulating it thoroughly. With a metal roof, there is less of a need to constantly adjust the thermostat and even worry about roofing damage. 

Coat their roofs

If a more traditional roofing system is already in place, an acrylic coating can be applied to most roofing systems, whether it’s a flat roof for a commerical building or a home with shingles. However, there are factors to consider before applying a coating. By using reflective layers that have a high solar reflecting effect, they can radiate heat from the sun. This will help moderate temperatures inside their homes to optimum levels. While there are other forms of coating, acrylic is the most popular and preferred method used by trusted contractors due it’s flexibility, longevity, and protection in addition to it’s reasonable cost.

Use roofing shingles

Do they want their houses to look fabulous and cost-efficient? Then shingles are their answer. With the most common and time tested roofing source, homeowners can install clean energy-start rated sources that save on energy costs  and benefit from their roof insulation. Shingles can be used in a variety of different slopes, climates, and design options. Furthermore, they have a potential lifespan of 50 years, and that saves costs in the long-run.

Fit membrane systems on their roofs

Another cost-effective material to upgrade a roof would be using EPDM membrane systems. Installing a membrane system would be adding a layer of material to protect a flat roof. There are many options to go if you’re looking to help modify a flat roof but the most recommended would be using an EPDM rubber or TPO. Both are heat resistant and extremely durable with TPO considered to be the more cost-effective option compared to EPDM and PVC. 

A Final Thought:

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