What to do to Prevent Extensive Roof Repairs

When a roof becomes damaged, in a home or business, it is often not noticed until considerable damage is done. That is why it is important to have periodic inspections made by Capitol Roofing to be sure nothing is amiss. Problems can include things such as:

• Moss growing on the roof

• Loose shingles or loose metal joints

• Rust on metal

• Debris, such as tree branches

• Old roofing curling


When these signs are ignored, severe damage to the under-structure can occur. A roof is constructed using roof trusses, roof sheathing, underlay and a roof covering such as shingles, tile or metal. Roof leaks can not only damage the roof covering but also allow water to seep into the attic. This can cause roof trusses to rot requiring extensive, and expensive, replacement of this roof support.

Unfortunately, for people who do not periodically check out their roof, often the first sign is water stains on the walls or a musty smell. This damage can often lead to necessary repairs inside the building as well as on the roof.

Storm damage is often a problem with the various types of roofing. Severe rains, snow, heavy winds and bad weather are all indications that a roof inspection should be held. When a roof inspection is made, prior to bad weather, you will be able to avoid serious damage. This is the time to contact a reliable roofing company to make an inspection. 

Sometimes the original installation of the roof was not done properly. This may cause wrinkling, alligatoring (exposed surfaces dry out, causing shingles to crack) or blistering (an under surface bubble caused by space left under the roof at installation). This means that special care should be taken to select an experienced and proven roofing company when putting on a new roof.

In the Connecticut area one of the major causes of roof damage is the snow. This makes it important to remove it before it allows ice to form. Ice can build up and cause severe damage not only to the roof but to the roof gutters as well. Fortunately, it is now possible to have professionals remove the snow and avoid these problems.
Sometimes it is not the basic roof covering that is causing the leaking problem. As a rule, metal flashing is placed in areas where there are breaks in the roof. This includes around chimneys, valleys and pipes. This flashing can corrode, or may be improperly sealed, allowing water to seep through.

Whether you have a residence or a business, having a reliable company such as Capital Roofing take care of your roof with an inspection, installation or repairs is the way to go. We can be reached at 866-784-5300 or 203-239-7000 and provide free estimates as well as reasonable pricing. Feel free to call us anytime, or fill out our form online to the right side of the page or at https://www.capitalroofingct.com/get-a-quote/.