Choosing the Correct Roof Style

When building a new home or re-modeling an older one, there is often the question of what type and shape of a roof to install. Many times this depends on the overall architectural design and the surrounding neighborhood. Depending on the style of, the type of materials to be used to construct or solidify can vary in terms of cost and functionality and whether or not you may be able to use something like TPO or another EPDM membrane system.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Roof

Everyone agrees that having a good roof is essential for any residential or business building. It will keep out the weather while providing protection of the building’s contents. Snow, sleet, strong wind and severe heat can damage a roof if proper maintenance and small repairs are not taken care of on a regular basis.

How to Avoid Roof Repairs

The basic foundation of any good roof is the installation. Being sure that you have a good grade of shingles, or other type of roofing material, and a good roofing contractor will assure that you have a top rated roof with both material and contractor warranties.

Many people do not give a great deal of thought to their roof on a day to day basis. However, there are things that you should know about roofs that could cause significant damage if not taken care of.

These include:

The Professional Value Over DIY Roof Repair

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A house or other building consists of the foundation, or basement, the walls and the roof. However, if you really think about it, it will not stand without a good roof. Today, there are many programs on television that show people purchasing distressed houses, remodeling them and the selling at a profit. However, have you noticed that they always call in professionals to re-do the roof?

DIY Roof Problems

There are many reasons not to attempt roof repairs, or replacements, yourself. These include:
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Simple Roof Repair Prevents a New Roof Installation

Many times a home or business owner does not realize they have a damaged roof. This may be caused by extreme heat, storms, excessive snow, accumulated moss, or other things. Usually the first indications are stained walls, a moldy smell and excessive moisture in the attic. Failure to take care of a damaged roof can lead to excessive expenses.

One way to avoid this problem is to have periodic roof inspections. This means that often a simple repair can help you avoid excessive damage that could even lead to a complete roof replacement. Businesses and home owners, alike, have found that this is the smart way to make sure their roof is in good condition prior to the type of weather that can cause excessive damage.

What to do to Prevent Extensive Roof Repairs

When a roof becomes damaged, in a home or business, it is often not noticed until considerable damage is done. That is why it is important to have periodic inspections made by Capitol Roofing to be sure nothing is amiss. Problems can include things such as:

• Moss growing on the roof

• Loose shingles or loose metal joints

• Rust on metal

• Debris, such as tree branches

• Old roofing curling

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Delaying Roof Repairs Only Speeds Up the Damage

Homeowners have a habit of ignoring the damage on roofs until large dents and destruction are evident. Hasty roof repairs will only deal with worn out or missing shingles on a temporary basis. Think of comprehensive repairs of roofs as a form of preventive maintenance always. Roof inspection professionals will point out and be able to reinforce the structure of your roof, thus protecting it from further damage. It is advisable for you to consult a roof repair professional when the following scenarios arise:  Continue reading “Delaying Roof Repairs Only Speeds Up the Damage”

Reasons Roof Repairs Are Best Left to Professionals

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When it comes to performing a roof repair, you may be tempted to do it yourself so save costs and even time with having to look for a contractor or schedule an appointment. The problem with doing it yourself is that the kind of roofing that will come out is often below the required standards of safety and beauty. Even with a lot of manuals on the market and other guides online that may to guide you through doing it yourself, professionals always stand out when it comes to this kind of work. Some of the most notable advantages of using a professional are as follows:

How Does Your Roof Hold Up in Severe Thunderstorms?

Whether you have a commercial or a residential structure, you have experienced challenges during heavy or severe thunderstorms. These challenges might be instant like roof leakage and ponding due to torrential rain downpour or they might build up later after the heavy rainfall, like rotting. It is essential to consider a reliable roofing or an expert roofing repair to prevent future damages on your roof for both commercial or residential property. It is vital you consider the aspect of having a rooftop capable of withstanding severe thunderstorms. For a stable rooftop, you should be familiar with the services at Capital Roofing that ensure your roof is intact and it’s safe from water damage caused by heavy rains, ponding, or rotting with time.

Some of the services offered by Capital Roofing include: