Why Weather is Important When Choosing Your Roof

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Many times, when a person needs a new roof they have two things in mind: the price and the color. However, it is equally as important to consider the type of weather where you live and what material would best suit the situation. 

Heavy Winds

Heavy winds are especially bad on a roof when light asphalt shingles are used. Actual high wind resistance also involves the method of installation. In order to receive the most wind resistance on a roof, it is important that the entire assembly is geared toward this purpose. This begins with the structural deck and includes the insulation/board layers, the membrane and the surface covering. Flat roofs are often the best in this kind of situation as long as they are insulated properly with an EPDM or TPO membrane and there typically isn’t large amounts of precipitation to create ponding.

Acrylic Coating – Coating for All Types of Roofing

What kind of a roof do you have on your home or commercial business? Is it wood, slate or metal shingles, tile or is it a poured roof? What condition is it in? Often, a person does not think about their roof until it starts to leak and water stains, mold and other conditions appear. To make their roofs more secure and to make them last longer, many people are choosing to use an acrylic coating. 

What is Acrylic Coating?

An acrylic coating is not a paint, it is a liquid, seamless, fully attached membrane that is applied over the roof to add additional protection from the weather. It is much thicker than paint and has proven to be effective in reflecting properties, resisting foot traffic and flexibility at cold temperatures as well as rain and other types of weather.

Acrylic Coating – Coating to Go Over Different Types of Roofing

When you have a roof put on your home or business you want it to not only be attractive but long lasting as well. The latter can be assured when an an acrylic coating is applied. Although this product looks like paint in a can and can be brushed, sprayed or rolled, it is an entirely different product.

Acrylic Technology

Acrylic technology is used in many different fields but is especially effective in roof coating. Called Acrylic polymer, it is especially designed to provide a complete seal. This cover on your roof, whether asphalt, metal, tile or other materials, provides protection from both the sun and storm conditions.

Can the Color of Your Roof Really Impact Your Home?

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The choice of your roof’s color impacts your home’s curb appeal, value, selling time, and energy costs. Though color is important, the roofing material may play an even bigger role in your home’s value and energy bills. When choosing a material and color, consult a roofing professional who knows what enhances your home’s appeal and provides a cost-effective solution. 

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Roofing Options to Help You Regulate Your Home Environment

Your home is a principal investment in your life, and you would go far to protect it. The best way to ensure your house is in excellent condition is by maintaining the walls and the roof with proper care and maintenance. While regular maintenance should be carried out around the home, people often forget that roof repair is essential. 

That roof over your head is vital, and restoration goes a long way in improving its longevity and quality. Furthermore, the value and appearance of the house will significantly improve. Additionally, your roof protects you and your family from the elements of weather, so your roof determines whether your home’s temperature, an element you want to control, is well-regulated whenever the season changes.

With a good roofing system, you will not only be protected from Mother Nature, but you also get an energy efficient house. How, may you ask? Well, with a good roofing design, your roof acts as an energy saver through principles that will help reduce cooling, heating, and lighting. 

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How Your Roof Affects Your Energy Costs

Everyone dreams of owning a house. But what about the perfect home? Running a proper household requires regular maintenance; homeowners need to maintain and repair all aspects of the walls, the cabinetry, and the lawn among others. However, an aspect often forgotten is the roof. The roof over their heads is the most vital element of the house and the most important protection from adverse weather. So why is the roof condition so necessary even though it’s often overlooked?

One significant advantage homeowners gain from a proper roof system is not only protection from Mother Nature but also help with saving money on energy costs. Yes, the massive bill that homeowners receive can be reduced if an appropriate roofing system is in place. How? The roof integrity as well as the materials it is made of makes a significant impact on the conditions inside their houses. This, in turn, affects their insulation and ventilation systems impacting the air conditioning and heating, among other appliances. 

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A Trustworthy Connecticut Acrylic Roof Coating Contractor

Acrylic Coatings and Your Roof

Keeping your roof in excellent condition should always be one of your biggest priorities. Roofs are more important for structures than you may think. A strong roof offers so many diverse and vital functions. It can protect your property from the harsh elements as well. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep overly bright sunlight out of your space. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep uncomfortable drafts out of it, either. A strong and resilient roof can be a great and effective thing. Routine maintenance is critical for any and all roofs. There are numerous things people can do to keep their roofs in tiptop shape, too. People these days are investing in acrylic roof coatings more than ever before. This type of coating, in short, is an SPF (Spray Urethane Foam). People can choose to put this coating on the majority of roofs that are in A+ shape. They can also put this coating on the majority of brand new roof decks out there. This foam creates a monolithic membrane that offers full waterproofing benefits.

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