What to do to Prevent Extensive Roof Repairs

When a roof becomes damaged, in a home or business, it is often not noticed until considerable damage is done. That is why it is important to have periodic inspections made by Capitol Roofing to be sure nothing is amiss. Problems can include things such as:

• Moss growing on the roof

• Loose shingles or loose metal joints

• Rust on metal

• Debris, such as tree branches

• Old roofing curling

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How to Prevent New England Snow Roof Damage and Other Problems

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Snow is beautiful to behold. Large flakes falling gently from the sky are breathtaking. Unfortunately, snow can also be dangerous if not taken care of properly. It can damage roofs, clog driveways and walkways, block gutters and cause many other problems. This is especially true with the heavy snows we get in New England. We, at Capital Roofing LLC, can help you avoid accidents and inconveniences by properly clearing the areas involved.

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Comparing Metal Roofing to Asphalt Shingles

Making an informed decision about what type of roofing material to go with has never been easier for the homeowner. Depending on the type of job, and what kind of weather the roof will be exposed to, there are numerous online resources available to guide someone in the right direction. For most people considering a complete replacement, or just a re-capping of their old roof, the choice usually comes down to using either traditional asphalt or modern metal roofing. Each type of roofing material has it’s own unique set of attributes and demerits. Continue reading “Comparing Metal Roofing to Asphalt Shingles”

Delaying Roof Repairs Only Speeds Up the Damage

Homeowners have a habit of ignoring the damage on roofs until large dents and destruction are evident. Hasty roof repairs will only deal with worn out or missing shingles on a temporary basis. Think of comprehensive repairs of roofs as a form of preventive maintenance always. Roof inspection professionals will point out and be able to reinforce the structure of your roof, thus protecting it from further damage. It is advisable for you to consult a roof repair professional when the following scenarios arise:  Continue reading “Delaying Roof Repairs Only Speeds Up the Damage”

EPDM vs TPO: When it Comes to Roofing Systems, Which is the Right Choice For You?

Are you are looking to cover your flat roof? Your options can be limited and expansive depending on the type of material you want to use. Traditional roofing should not be a consideration if you are looking to develop a strong and durable rooftop. Such materials include corrugated metal, concrete tiles, and asphalt shingles. Rubber and plastic roofing materials are the best because they are durable. While plastics have proved to be better than traditional material, they have their differences. 

Choosing between an EPDM roof and a TPO roof is one of the hardest decision that builders have to make. This is because the two materials have unique attributes. While being excellent membrane systems, they are used for flat and low-sloped roofing. Continue reading “EPDM vs TPO: When it Comes to Roofing Systems, Which is the Right Choice For You?”

Can the Color of Your Roof Really Impact Your Home?

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The choice of your roof’s color impacts your home’s curb appeal, value, selling time, and energy costs. Though color is important, the roofing material may play an even bigger role in your home’s value and energy bills. When choosing a material and color, consult a roofing professional who knows what enhances your home’s appeal and provides a cost-effective solution. 

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How Metal Roofing Can Prevent Rain and Snow Damage To Your Home

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When a property owner is considering what material to use on a roofing project, many lean in their gut towards a metal such as steel or aluminum, but end up opting for another material, perhaps being swayed for aesthetic reasons. Then, usually comes the feelings of regret when the roof deteriorates way too soon, perhaps due to water damage, and it is time to spend more money on repairs, or even a whole new roof.  

In regions with snowy and icy winters, such as here in Connecticut, a metal roof’s advantages are even more definitive. This article’s intent is to provide all the reasons why a metal roof is indeed ideal for this region and a great option, and not only because of the ubiquitous snow and ice.   

So read on to learn how you can enjoy the peace of mind and relieved pressure on your bottom line that comes with choosing a metal material for your roofing project.  

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Roofing Options to Help You Regulate Your Home Environment

Your home is a principal investment in your life, and you would go far to protect it. The best way to ensure your house is in excellent condition is by maintaining the walls and the roof with proper care and maintenance. While regular maintenance should be carried out around the home, people often forget that roof repair is essential. 

That roof over your head is vital, and restoration goes a long way in improving its longevity and quality. Furthermore, the value and appearance of the house will significantly improve. Additionally, your roof protects you and your family from the elements of weather, so your roof determines whether your home’s temperature, an element you want to control, is well-regulated whenever the season changes.

With a good roofing system, you will not only be protected from Mother Nature, but you also get an energy efficient house. How, may you ask? Well, with a good roofing design, your roof acts as an energy saver through principles that will help reduce cooling, heating, and lighting. 

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Reasons Roof Repairs Are Best Left to Professionals

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When it comes to performing a roof repair, you may be tempted to do it yourself so save costs and even time with having to look for a contractor or schedule an appointment. The problem with doing it yourself is that the kind of roofing that will come out is often below the required standards of safety and beauty. Even with a lot of manuals on the market and other guides online that may to guide you through doing it yourself, professionals always stand out when it comes to this kind of work. Some of the most notable advantages of using a professional are as follows: