Adjusting Your Current Roof

Are you tired of the general appearance of your home? Many times a great deal can be done with just the addition of a few details. Consultation with a roofing expert is a good way to go. They can often offer designs or suggestions that can make a huge difference. 

Flat Roofs

One of the biggest complaints from people who have bought large mobile homes is the flat roof. It is only in recent years that the manufacturers have begun designing changes that make them look more like a house built from the ground up. 

One way to get away from this type of flat roof is to add artificial dormers to the roof. These are built from 2×4’s, roofing and a false window which makes them look like the real thing. 

This same idea can work on other flat roofs that make the rest of the building look unfinished. Imagine you have a business downtown, in the middle of a busy location, that has no appeal. Putting a false addition will not affect its ability to repel water and will, actually, change a dull appearance to one that is sharp and more modern looking. 

Raising one part of a flat roof, giving it a slight slant and adding a window will also make a substantial change in the buildings appearance. 

Changing the Roof Line

Another way to change the appearance of your home or business is to raise the roof or change the roof line. There are a number of reasons you might be considering this option. 

This includes: 

1. You want to improve its appearance. 

2. You want to design the space to meet your taste. 

3. It costs less to change the roof than move to another location. 

Most popular options for changing the roof line are putting in a top-floor addition, enlarging the existing attic space or changing the pitch of the roof. Another option is to raise the roof in order to raise the interior ceiling to make it higher. Although many homes have 7’ ceilings, modern architecture designs them to be 9’ to 12’. 

There are also many different types of roof dormer types. These include arched top or barrel, eyebrow, flat roof, shed roof, wall roof, gabled & flared, hipped roof, recessed or inset, false or blind and pedimented. 

Consulting with Your Roofer

When you are considering any changes to your roof or roof line, it is essential that you consult with a licensed and well-established roof contractor. Many times this will involve structural changes, as well as replacing some or all of the shingles. 

At Capital Roofing we will be happy to discuss the possibilities of changing or adding to your roof structure, what it entails and the cost. Give us a call today at 866-724-5300 or 203-239-7000 or fill out the form online at and remember, we are here specifically to offer you the best deals possible on anything connected with your roofing concerns.