Acrylic Coating for Roofs in a Nutshell

What exactly is Acrylic Coating and why would you need it? Acrylic Coating is an elastomeric polymer specially designed to withstand weather while lasting longer and acting as a type of membrane as opposed to a simple latex house paint. While it looks and feels very much like a regular paint, acrylic coating is a fully adhered, seamless coating that is applied to the roof that is capable of withstanding physical resistance and has more flexibility. It is a low-cost, highly reflective material and as such, is very energy efficient in resisting UV radiation.

Basic Benefits of Acrylic Coating:

  • Simple, easy material application making it a very time-efficient roofing coating
  • Very high UV durability and energy efficiency reducing indoor energy costs
  • Ability to be made in any color allowing your custom business or home design to be visually stunning
  • Easy application allows for any repairs to be made quickly and easily

What Structures to use Acrylic Coating on:

  • Sloped or flat roofing
  • Commercial and Residential Buildings


  • Acrylic coating, while typically white, can easily be made in any color
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